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Cefazolin 100 grams 66288-1100-1 1100 Buy
Cefazolin 300 grams 66288-1300-1 1300 Buy
Ceftriaxone 100 grams 66288-6100-1 6100 Buy
Cefepime 100 grams 66288-8100-1 8100 Buy
Vancomycin Hydrochloride 100 grams 66288-7100-1 7100 Buy

SmartPak® pharmacy bulk package contains up to 300grams of drug consist of two sterile bags:

Inner Bag, which is in contact with the sterile drug, is made of an additive-free polymer. It is fabricated with two ports to facilitate the addition of diluents and the withdrawal of constituted doses, respectively, consistent with the protocol utilized in the hospital pharmacy. With a four-liter capacity, this bag provides a great deal of latitude in preparing the concentrations that are most appropriate for the patient population being served.

Outer Bag protects the inner bag (and the material contained within) from light, moisture and oxidation. It consists of a laminated aluminum foil of four layers join together, with the internal layer made of additive-free polymer. This bag is not in contact with the drug product.

2020 SmartPak one pager

Ceftriaxone Package Insert 1-2022

Cefepime Insert – 8-2019

Cefazolin package insert 8-2019

Vancomycin Package Insert 12-2018

Cefazolin MSDS

Ceftriaxone MSDS

Cefepime MSDS

Vancomycin MSDS