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SmartPak Features

Features/Benefits/Uses – Inner Bag The Better Solution For Injectable Delivery. SmartPak® is a patented packaging system that makes sense for today’s pharmacists

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The Better Solution for Injectable Delivery.

SmartPak Products

You can easily order your SmartPak® products from our website.


Samson Medical Technologies is committed to adhering to the serialization requirements as specified in the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).However, in our effort to provide consistent supply of our products, all of which are in short supply, we have requested and received the following limited exemptions for our products packaged during the period November 27, 2018 through February 25, 2019:

Happy Clients

“Our Staff reconstitutes over 800,000 doses of IV sterile products annually. SmartPak reduces time, manipulation and potential for contamination.”

Kevin Kyle

“Having bulk antibiotics in sterile form via SmartPak, enables us to maintain inventory of critical products at times of short supply. It has also reduced our batch preparation time and storage space required.”

Rich Paoletti